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Reignite the sense of life in three steps

The series was created to guide you in your personal development and self-knowledge.

Now is the time to ignite that spark within you, to illuminate your true self and shine in the world. Understand why you feel the way you do and make small changes that can improve it, start thinking and planning major changes to achieve your goals by knowing who you want to become.

You deserve it and it will be a wonderful gift you can give to yourself and the world. You are worth it!

Knowing yourself better will clarify your lifestyle and help you make the right decisions day by day. 





Get to know yourself better - learn and grow into your best self



About me

Hello, my name is Karin, I was born in 1974 in Switzerland and have lived in several parts of the country. 

Back home after more than 13 years living in Mexico, during which I created a Swiss non-profit association, I engaged and managed the team of volunteers and the App-CONNECT project virtually for several years.

A visionary, always open to learning, eager to make things happen, to connect people to create new things and do my part to improve the world we live in. 

I love spending time with my family and discovering nature. I've had the opportunity to grow and learn a lot through many adventures, travels and life experiences. Various trainings in wellness, coaching and personal development, various missionary work... And like everyone else, with challenges that are not always easy to overcome.

One of my main goals in life is to help others feel better, move forward in their personal lives and find new ways to overcome life's challenges, build resilience and be happier with themselves.

This is why I created and To provide tools that can promote emotional and mental strength, and help clarify one's true identity, have a better self-esteem and build one's future self more easily.



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Part III

Design a future you will love



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Enjoy your life and make it as unique as you are